Summer Fashion Trends 2012

April 12th, 2012 by

The weather has dipped back to seasonal temps in most of the country, but our thoughts are still turning to summer.  Trips to the cottage, events around town, and dreams of lounging near the water has us pumped for our favorite summer trends.

Color, Colour, and more Color

No matter how you spell it this summer is going to be colorful.  From bright denim making its way back in vogue to eye-popping accessories like flashy belts and watches you won’t be able to hide from bright colours this summers.  Bonus points for sporting some neon in your summer attire.

These Military Web Belts are a great way to work that splash of color into summer uniforms or to out-fit your street teams.

Burberry Splash of Color

Splash of color from the Burberry Prosum Line via


TOMS Shoes  took a PR hit last year when the founder spoke at a  Focus On The Family event in California, but it doesn’t seem to have slowed down TOMS rise in popularity. You can’t swing a plaid shirts nowadays without hitting someone Instagramming their newest pair.    Now that summer is on the horizon, keep an eye out for their vegan, glitter, and classic styles to be kicking around the nearest street festival.

TOMS Purple Glitter Shoes

Purple Glitter Shoes from TOMS

Aviator Sunglasses

It could be the Top Gun conversion to 3D.  Or maybe work on the sequel.  Perhaps it’s 80′s nostaglia grabbing us full-throttle, but aviators are back with a vengence and  Ray Ban probably couldn’t be happier.  Go full out Maverick with your choice or have some fun with a splash of color for your summer shades.  Either way, you’ll be spotting this throwback style up and down the beach this year.

Navigator Sunglasses

Colorful Twist to a Nostalgic Category

 Missing Shoulders

We first spotted this trend in season two of Dance Moms (Hey, we all have our vices) and plan to see bared shoulders abound this summer.  Bare shoulders, one shoulder, and celebrity shoulders will be out in full force .  Spotted in lines from Dolce & Gabbana, DKNY, and  Alexander McQueen this is a look we can expect to see through summer and into fall.

Dance Moms Shirt

Dance Mom sans shoulders

What do you think is going to be the biggest trend this summer?


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